Key People

David Sharpe

  • Managing Director, Mavid Group of Companies
  • Responsible Manager, Lighthouse Funds Management

David is a licensed builder and has over 30 years’ experience in construction and
property development. 

David is Managing Director of the Mavid Group and has overarching responsibly for the property development projects undertaken by the group including those which are funded through Lighthouse.

David acts in the role of Managing Director of the Trustee, Manager and Authorised Intermediary entities.

Michael Bryant

  • Consultant of the Trustee and Authorised Intermediary, Lighthouse Funds Management

Michael is a responsible manager for the AFS licence held by the Authorised Intermediary, and is responsible for providing consulting services to the Authorised Intermediary in relation to the company’s capital raising and funds management activities. 

Michael is an experienced funds management professional with over 40 years’ commercial experience.