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Part of our ethos is ensuring you have all the information and inspiration you need to make informed decisions, so we are absolutely committed to giving you all of the information you need upfront. There are no secrets about what’s included and what’s not – our quality inclusions form part of the base price of your home – so that you don’t have to worry about any unexpected costs.

Building With Us

Building with Mavid Construction

As an award-winning builder, we pride ourselves on providing a positive experience, from design inspiration and aspiration, to accountable service and high quality construction and delivery.

Given our extensive experience building new homes, we are here for you each and every step of the
way, with market knowledge, industry experience and supplier connections. To make the process more 
enjoyable, it helps to understand the various stages involved in a new home build.

Stage 1 – Initial Contact and Pre-Contract Phase


Take the opportunity to discuss one-on-one with a Mavid Construction New Home Consultant, where you can review designs and chat
through the options available. This will help us to prepare and present your personalised New Home Quotation.


If your land is registered your New Home Consultant will now order the initial soil test, contour survey and site inspection to assess the
site, access to services and any possible building limitations. (Please note that your deposit is now no longer refundable however we will supply you with a copy of the Soil and Survey Reports.)

Once we review the Soil / Survey / Site report findings as well as the results of relevant Council searches here at head office, we will
move forward with preparations for your New Home Proposal Appointment.

Stage 2 – Tender & Contract

Following the selection of your home design, it’s suitability to your chosen block of land, and confirmation of floorplan variations, a new home proposal appointment will be scheduled where all of your planning and information, quote and payments come together in one place for review and final confirmation.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday

Stage 3 – Home Styling Appointment

Whether you have a defined style vision, or it is just starting to take shape, our team of professionals will help you through your colour and material style selections, from tapware and basins for a sleek bathroom, to rooftop finishes for ultimate street appeal. By partnering with leading brands and suppliers, we are consistently bringing you the best of industry wide inspiration, quality and innovation.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday

Stage 4 – Administration Process

During this administrative phase of your new home building process, your personal administrator will collate all of your planning and paperwork to assist you with preparing your new home build to proceed to site, including the council process. This includes covenant approvals and the lodgement of appropriate documentation for council approval.

Once approval has been gained, your final drawings will be prepared, including all details of your quote, tender, home styling and electrical selections.

Once we receive the full building approval, an authority to commence construction letter and a deposit from your finance institution, we will begin the process to commence construction on your site.

Stage 5 – Construction

Now is the time for the Mavid Construction team to take the lead, as you start to see your new home come to life onsite. The next section will define the main stages of construction for you and outline some of the things that may take place during each stage.


Your block of land will be prepared so that it is ready to be built on, with temporary fencing installed, site excavation and underground connections laid. The base stage is complete once your concrete slab is poured.


This is when your dream home really starts to come to life. All your walls are marked out in accordance with your final drawings and construction of wall, window and door frames along with roof trusses begin. The frame stage is complete once the frame is completed, inspected and approved by a qualified building survey.


This is a significant milestone as we are now able to ‘lock up’ your home. Temporary external doors may be hung and fixed into position in order to ensure the security of your site. The lock up stage is complete was exterior elements are installed, including windows, doors, fascia, guttering, roof cover, brickwork and walls. The plumbing and electrical rough in also takes place, as well as security systems, ducted air-conditioning, ducted vacuum systems and intercom roughs in if applicable.


This is where we begin fixing all internal details into position, including the installation of your internal plaster for walls and ceilings, architraves, skirting boards, internal doors, stairs as well as cabinetry for your kitchen, ensuite and bathroom. During this stage, wet areas are also waterproofed with tiles to shower recess and kitchen, bathroom, ensuite and laundry walls are laid. The fixing stage is complete once the fixing inspection is approved.


It is during the fit off stage that you will see your colour selections come to life. Whilst we paint your home, we will install your garage door, roof pointing, floor coverings, benchtops, shower screens, baths, mirrors and door furniture, as well as shelves to robes, pantry and linen cupboards. The final fit off for security, ducted vacuum, electrical and plumbing are completed. The fit off stage is complete once the final site clean has been completed and the private certifier and quality management inspection has been conducted and certified.

Stage 6 – Inspection & Handover


Your construction administrator will book in your new home presentation two weeks ahead of the completion of your home. On this day, you will meet with a Mavid Construction representative who will present your new home to you, demonstrating its features and functions. At the time of your new home presentation, you will be able to settle on site and confirm final payment.


This is the momentous day which concludes your new home building journey! What started as a new home vision, and was carefully curated through planning, coordinating and decision making, now takes shape as your brand new Mavid home. On your handover day your Construction Supervisor will present you with your keys, warranty and maintenance information, as well as a special gift to help you settle in and celebrate this incredible milestone.